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Helping People Find the Art of the Path. 

Itís the 'Art of the Path' that can readily take you to your desired destination, no matter what walk of life you travel. The infinite number of paths available are accessible to everybody and are merely fundamental, yet paramount to understand. They can be discovered and traveled by anyone who has the understanding of how they function and how to create and capitalize on them with effort and productive coaching. These remarkable and enjoyable trails can be paved with the dazzling and empowering stepping stones that the individual uniquely creates with their ideas, actions and sheer desire. 

Every stepping stone has a perceptible value, and some have more than others. Imagine that each path is lined with stones of different shapes, sizes and color. They're not all created perfectly, but each stone offers history, a worthwhile experience and a valuable mental asset. Some of these stones provide a grand and rewarding leap toward achievement, which in turn, also provides an increased sense of ability and mental fuel to travel even further into an adventure. An adventure that is planned or even unknown.   

You are the life artist designing and fabricating your future. You are the personification of your vision and you have the ability to map your way to the realistic destinations. If you can change the way you see situations and other things just a little, it'll be enough to alter the path you are on if it needs altered. If you feel you are on the right path but lack some needed mental fuel and momentum, then that slight shift in your head, and actions, can be the means of acquiring that additional fuel.

It's all a chain reaction, and it's momentum can be the ride through a passage for yourself and others . It's a concert of connections. When you can be, and do, what you seek, a sense of freedom begins to evolve and flourish. Your capability becomes vivid, clear and stronger. It's then you can go even further and bring people with you. An act of sharing can affect the lives of others in ways that can fulfill their personal desires, which in turn, makes a difference in the other people's lives they touch and connect with.... and so on.

"An idealist is a person who helps other people to be prosperous." ~Henry Ford

Why Your Path Led You Here. 

I'm a 'Creative Life' coach in Denver, Colorado and I love to help people find their groove. Yes, I have the typical 'creative people' traits that are usually defined as normal and expected, but with a waver. Just enough waver to start the chain reaction of events and opportunities that provided the fantastic journey I'm on and the journey I wanted very badly. I do believe I'm the personification of determination and dedication. 

Now here I find myself, in a grateful and peaceful state of mind, being a semi-retired stage backdrop painter for past Grammy and AMA award winning bands on tour, while at the same time having an amazing opportunity to enjoy yet another passion of mine. The passion to understand people from all walks of life and helping them become more aware of their mental blocks, their underlying potential and how to achieve a state of bliss through accomplishment. It really is an amazing feeling assisting people to discover the 'Aw - Ha' moments and "Wow" revelations when something 'clicks', or a when beneficial outcome happens. Equally amazing is how those moments work and how they can be created. My coaching enables people to discover what else can be accomplished from not only using things they have already done or thought of, but also from using new things and ideas they haven't done or thought of.... yet.

My journey has had it's mysteries. It's had it's valleys and highs comprised of tribulations and triumphs. It's had it's moments of getting kicked in the dirt and also moments of riding the wind. And where did all that get me? Not only have millions of people seen my artwork all around the world on stages, television and in magazines, I have also had a remarkable and magical time on that climb that brought me an immense sense of accomplishment with other aspects of my life which were obtained through an undeniable mental dedication while also weaving practical ideas into reality, one calculated step at a time, reaching dreams and waiting to see what happens next.

It's funny how my successful art career wasn't my top tier destiny after all. It's about sharing my knowledge, experiences, thoughts and passion for creative living. Turns out the art career was merely a fantastic ride that took me here.... to a another destiny I never really expected. To me, that's the secret, and that's the 'magical mystery tour'! I'm grateful that I am able to experience this.

I'm excited to get my upcoming book completed and published. Naturally, it's titled "It's the Art of the Path", and it's comprised of events throughout my life that gave me the sense of fulfillment and provided me with even greater mental fuel levels to keep me charging forward.  


Here are some links that I consider to be valuable milestones....

My Art Passion August 2014 Interview March 2017 Interview October 2017 Interview

"It is your work in life that is the ultimate seduction." ~Pablo Picasso

Some Kind Words from People I've Worked With.

"Jeff comes from and extensive background in art production. His insight offered me revelatory ideas on how to move forward in my business. I am looking forward to implementing what he said!"
   ~Alita Arose
-Los Angeles, CA.


"When I met Jeff, I was locked up in this mundane world. After several conversations I was able to reconnect with myself for the first time in many years. His guidance and experience gave me the confidence and drive to reach for my dreams. Thank you Jeff for your belief in me and your positive presence in my life."
~Brenda Overton -Denver, CO.


"What Jeff has said over the years makes perfect sense. His ideas, passion and thought process has proven to be valuable in many different areas that are important for success.
   ~Barbara Shanks
-Denver, CO.


"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves." ~Thomas Edison

My Fee, and What's Included.
Please note: I limit myself to a maximum of 20 one-on-one clients per month to ensure everybody gets my highest focus and attention.

My session schedule is set up as a monthly program. It includes:

  • 1 hour meetings, once a week for 4 weeks, to discuss progress, discover new ideas and solve any problems that may have arisen that may be affecting you momentum, speed and progress. 
  • An initial complimentary 1 hour session to get to know each other and discuss expectations and XXXXX.
  • A 'How's it going?' conversation for a few minutes via phone 3-4 days after each meeting. This allows us to stay current in case something needs to be addressed right away.
  • Sessions available in person, Skype, Facetime or phone. Sorry, e-mail is not a constructive way to communicate during sessions.


Following our initial conversation will be the complimentary session. If you are pleased with my professionalism and what I can offer, you can hire me for the 4 week coaching package, for only $250.

"If the wind blows the lid off your box of visions and it's all swirling about, don't panic. Just be quick to decide what to chase first." ~Me

 Ready to Get Into Your Groove?
A New Way Starts Here.

Spend an honest moment with yourself and think about where you are and where you want to go. Give some thought to these questions below and reach out to me using the contact information below. Let's have an initial conversation and make plans for that complimentary session over coffee or dinner at a nice restaurant in the Denver Metro area if you are local. If you're not local we can interact via phone, Skype, or Facetime .

  • What desire would be the simplest to achieve that you could be happy about if you had the resource(s)?

  • Have you given thought to it in regards of thinking "If I made that happen, I could then use that as a stepping stone to make something else happen as the next step."

  • What's the action that would make the difference in making that happen?

  • How would it feel after the first, second and third step? Also known as... your groove.

"I learned a long time ago that reality was much weirder than anyone's imagination" ~Hunter S. Thompson

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