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Hello, and thank you for visiting my web page. As an established stage backdrop artist within the music industry and among many famous bands, I also love to write. I have written thousands of correspondences and multiple marketing/public relations copy for myself as an artist. I enjoy taking information and creatively wordsmithing it into original and powerful copy that connects you to who you are relating with, whether it be your fans, your artwork viewers/collectors or maybe the right people that can help further your career.

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Recent Writing Samples:

Jillian Zambrano - Artist Bio

Jillian Zambrano is an inspiring artist with a vision and creative freedom that is beautifully expressed in her works.  She is currently living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  In 2011 she graduated from Kean University in New Jersey with a major in history.  She additionally furthered her education and flourished as an artist while attending several art classes together with her history major.

As a young child growing up in Elizabeth, New Jersey she found a love and appreciation for hand-drawn designs.  While much of her work consists of pen and ink, she also enjoys adapting some brushwork techniques into her designs at various times to assist in capturing fine details and to incorporate faint shadowing for added visual depth.  Over the years her designs have evolved from an elegant look to a fascinating abstract look that captures interest with a movement that reaches out and invites the viewer to dance with itís unique grace.

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Jillian Zambrano - Artist Statement

As an artist I truly believe my artwork expresses how I feel about freedom.  I believe freedom comes from having the opportunity to do the things you like, and to have that opportunity will allow you to lead a great life and enjoy the wonderful journey.  There are no wrong strokes to make or wrong paths to follow, and I often find myself exploring and learning new things throughout life allowing me to explore the unknown, because you never know what beauty lies beneath when you can grow and appreciate the mystery.

While not being confined to a certain object or idea as I draw, I find that many of my drawings represent images of animals and movement.  I trust my hand to convey what it will and Iím inspired to showcase my art to the world.  I believe in the creative energy to represent itself in an interesting fashion that opens itself up to the viewer so they themselves may interpret what they believe the image is, and what it represents.

(Word Count: 172)


Kathryn Burgos - Artist Bio

Born in the Philippines, Kathryn Burgos is a highly passionate artist currently living in San Francisco, California. Her paintings reflect her insights and interpretations of Earth and itís majestics that surround us. She paints from the heart with the belief that these majestics bring balance to our world and act as guardians of sacred places.

At the young age of 3 Kathryn started to take an interest in art. At the age of 5 her mother enrolled her into private art classes for the following 5 years. During that time she began to flourish using oil paints and found a passion for painting abstract, still life, landscape, seascape and animals; many of which she won awards for while representing her art school. Her inner need for art expanded and she found herself relocating to San Francisco at the age of 17 where she received a 2 year scholarship at the Academy of Arts University studying graphic art. In 2000 she set her sights on New York and attended the City College of New York in 2000 and 2001 where she studied multimedia and attended additional painting classes. Though digital art seemed to be more practical, her passion for fine art still remained high and after 10 years in New York she decided to move back to San Francisco to fulfill that artistic need. She is currently painting a series of works called the Majestiks and feels she is exactly where she needs to be on her art journey.

Kathrynís focus, determination and purpose prevails in her paintings. Her travels, brief struggles and inherent interest in understanding human nature and the nature of our world aided and led her to discover her path of connection, passion and purpose that evolved her into the artist she is today.

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Kathryn Burgos - Artist Statement
I am an energized and ambitious artist with a love for inspiring people to appreciate the world around them. My personal views and beliefs of our planetís surroundings call out for me to share an awareness towards preservation, conservation and awareness of natureís values through my art.

The thought of future generations experiencing the world as we know it serves as a catalyst of my inspirations, and I allow that positive energy to flow into my paintings. Painting is a magical place for me. I can go there to experience and share a sensation of creativity and tranquility through my art. It brings forth my personal beliefs and explanations that flows onto the canvas while Iím being encompassed by a feeling of safety and permission to be free.

My current series of eleven paintings, The Majestiks, are each representative of the thoughts I have towards the role of nature and the reasons why mighty beasts exist on our planet. The artworks are life size reflections of my inner thoughts about these beast and how they deserve, and demand, a genuine appreciation towards them. As a human being I believe these beasts are natureís way of protecting Earth's fragile ecosystem. As an artist I paint these majestic creatures to capture the essence of power they possess and to capture lifeís natural selection for their existence on a planet of sacred balance. I recognize the need for all of society to respect and care for that balance, and I want my paintings to give every viewer the opportunity to experience and enjoy my personal expressions.

(Word Count: 263)


Quanzhou (Jack) Zhao - Artist Bio

Quanzhou (Jack) Zhao is a painter and 3D artist living in Winchester, Massachusetts. His artworks encircle many mediums including brushwork on rice paper, acrylic painting, pencil, ink on canvas, and 3D designs on screen and for print.

Zhaoís artworks have a noticeably Chinese literati painting approach encompassing a fresh and contemporary look using elements often consisting of calligraphy, landscapes, birds and flowers.  His unique brushstrokes offer the viewers distinctive fluid visual experiences to explore the aesthetics and artistry value of the artist.  Zhao views his artworks as a free extension and expression of himself, and often times the techniques he uses derive from deep rooted origins of the Chinese brushworks and calligraphy in which he has been studying and practicing on rice paper since he was a young child.  While the subject matter is generally represented in metaphoric fashions and quasi-abstract forms, many of his works capture critical views of the worldwide social issues we are facing today including war, peace and nuclear crisis, etc..

Zhao graduated from the acclaimed painting program at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels in 2001 and he proudly won the Prize of the Royal Association of Professional Artists of Belgium.  Later that year he relocated to the United States to further his art studies at the School of Visual Arts in New York, in which he earned his MFA degree in Computer Art with a major in 3D and multimedia arts.  Zhaoís artworks have been on exhibit as part of an emerging artists group showing at the Walloon Fine Art Museum in Liege, Belgium, the Culture Center of Monterrey, Mexico and an independent showing at the Puffin Room gallery Soho, New York City.

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Quanzhou (Jack) Zhao - Artist Statement

For me personally, I view war and peace as a critical concern and my artworks are a free extension and expression of myself.  As with most humans on this Earth I dream and wish for world peace, but war exists and it relentlessly continues around this planet.  With the gestural textures and the traits of my brushstrokes, I enjoy capturing and expressing my sorrow, joyfulness, thoughts and my anxieties through the images and objects I create using a variety of mediums on various substrates.

Often times the techniques I use derive from deep rooted origins of the Chinese brushworks and calligraphy in which I've been studying and practicing on rice paper since I was a young child.  I have been continually experimenting with other mediums including acrylic painting, pencil, ink on canvas, and 3D designs for screen and for print with an emphasis towards heavy layers of the Chinese literati painting approach.

(Word Count: 152)


Dan Terry - Artist Bio

Nationally renowned and highly sought after artist Dan Terry has captured the interest of many organizations, high profile businesses and historical landmarks with his mural and fine art talent. His commissioned work is stunning and has been seen by millions of people throughout the United States and multiple parts of the world. His ĎNeoclassical Artistí belief and approach transpires into creations regularly seen in museums, exhibitions, books, magazines, feature films and television. Along with the high exposure of his works, he has earned multiple juried awards from showings including the National Pastel Exhibition at the National Arts Club in New York City, the Witte Museum and Laguna Gloria Museum in Austin, Texas, as well as the Alamo Missionís permanent collection in San Antonio, Texas. One of his proudest moments was winning both Best in Show and the Aquarena Springsí Purchase Award at the San Marcos Art League. This particular competition was judged by the director/curator of art at the distinguished McNay Museum in San Antonio, Texas.

Dan resides in Texas and has never had the need to relocate out of the state he loves. His high demand as an artist allows him to experience different cultures and demographics while traveling to various mural painting sites; each of which adds to his expanding talent. When not painting his dazzling murals he enjoys activities that inspire and cultivate his mental library of visual elements and creativity. Among his favorite things, outside of painting, is spending time camping in nature, listening to the sounds of live music and being in his element while in the studio with his pets.

Humbled and honored, Dan appreciates and respects all the opportunities he has had as an artist. He looks forward to building many more additional relationships with clients while providing them with exceptionally painted murals that perfectly fulfill their needs and expectations.

(Word Count: 308)


Dan Terry - Artist Statement

Murals are my passion and I consider myself a contemporary renaissance artist.  I have a vast history of painting along with many years of experience in the art field working with many mediums, techniques and concepts. Iím in my true element creating art, and when Iím painting a large full color mural for a corporation or for a well known business I am engulfed in the essence of itís creation. Seeing it come together and the colors working in symphony with one another is my bliss. I love painting, and my desire to provide beautiful commissioned artworks flourishes everyday.

In my youth I was fascinated with art and design. I understood that behind every creation there was a person who had envisioned it and had the skills to see it come to life. I wanted to be like those creators and I was soon starting to develop the skill sets I have today. I have been fortunate and blessed over the years to have met so many people who trusted me as an artist and as a person with a burning passion towards creating art. They have given me the opportunity to prove myself and provide them with high quality craftsmanship and artistry. I look forward to many more years of artistic painting and many more wonderful clients.

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Jambox - Band Bio

If you want to rock, then Jambox will draw your attention and show you the way. This award winning powerhouse band gives their fans the ultimate experience when they take the stage.  When the lights come up, the band brings the house down by covering many of rockís greatest songs from the 70ís and 80ís. With a set list loaded with music that takes the audience back to a magical time and place, this band wants to rock you. Seeing them live on stage will do just that.

Jamboxís inception was the brainchild of drummer Rusty Scutt in 2015 when he first heard Eric Rozensí mesmerizing lead vocals at a friendís end of summer celebration. ďWhen I first heard Eric sing I could foresee a fantastic rock band I could assemble. I imagined how epic this could be if I could get other highly talented musicians I knew to join in on this energy level I was feeling.Ē said Rusty. ďWithin a month of meeting Eric we were all together, and it was magic in the making.Ē

This highly impressive band is an amazing group of talent comprised of Rusty Scutt who started playing drums in the 5th grade. Eric Rozens who began singing at age 15. Ritchie Wilkison whoís guitar playing goes back to when he was 3 years old. Dave Lucid who started playing the keyboards at the age of 12, and Jeff Ellison with his bass experience dating back to his high schoolís jazz band.

With the member lineup in place, the band was performing live as Jambox four months later and quickly found themselves playing all the major clubs and casinos throughout the Midwest. Not only did their popularity skyrocket during 2015, they also received two awards from NUVO Magazine as Indyís Best Local Cover Band as well as Best Local Vocalist (Eric Rozens). In 2016 their success was elevated to yet another level when they headlined the pre-game entertainment at the NFLís Thanksgiving Day game between the Indianapolis Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers. Additionally, they won an additional five awards including Best Local Cover Band, Best Local Vocalist, Best Rock Band, Best Instrumentalist (Ritchie) and Best Band/Group All Genres in Indianapolis.

The future is undeniably bright for Jambox, and they feel the band has an endless supply of rock and roll energy to share with their loyal fan base and others who newly discover them. Their stage presence, professionalism and talented performance will not only ensure a lasting relationship with their following, it will also set a standard that will be noticed, respected and highly sought after for high level entertainment.

(Word Count: 436)